What is Mousetastical Vacations?

Mousetastical Vacations is a Travel Agency, specializing in Disney Travel (destinations). I operate as an affiliate of Magical Mouse Trips LLC.  I handle travel for the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and the Disney Cruise Line and Disney Adventures around the world. Mousetastical Vacations began as a passion for helping friends book their vacations since I am a former cast member with insider knowledge. I am known as a “Disney Nerd” among our friends; The Mouse Parks Planner! I am a personalized concierge service for Disney Destinations. I quickly discovered that Disney travelers are in need of this type of concierge service but not at the price that Disney charges for limited services. . My family and I visit the parks and take cruises frequently, and not just because it’s my job, we truly love our Disney vacations. I have deep roots with Disney and my family and I still love experiencing the magic too! 

Why are your services free?

Yep that’s right! My service is available to you at no additional charge. Disney pays me no matter how great of a deal I can get you. That’s right – nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, the big goose egg. Even with all of the Disney-style service and my tips, tricks, and extras you’ll receive, you won’t pay anything more for your vacation than you would if you booked the reservation yourself. In fact, you will likely pay even less once I apply deals or discounts to your reservation that you might not have been aware of. With that said it’s also unfair to ask me to do all the upfront work then book with a different travel agency. Likewise, a reputable travel agency normally will not take over the booking of a trip from another travel agency.

Why should I use Mousetastical Vacations? Can’t I do all this stuff myself?

Of course you could do it yourself, but why in the world would you want to? I specialize in Disney Travel through my experience and training. Rather than spend hours/days/weeks on the Internet trying to find the best prices for the best itineraries and still end up wondering if you really got the best deal, all you have to do is contact me. I’ll do all of that for you – at no cost to you! Talk about a no-brainer. I also get up at 3 AM 180 days out from your arrival date to make your dining reservations and 60 days out help you make your fast passes and constantly monitor your vacation package to make sure you are getting the best deal available. I even walk you through the all automated Magic Bands and My Disney Experience account. Disney is full of tiny little details and it sure can be a daunting task to tackle. There’s no need for you to attempt to wade through the sea of information (and misinformation because we all know everything on the internet is fact right?) Even if you are a veteran Disney Vacation Expert yourself, you will benefit from my services. 

How can I get all the insider “tips and tricks” I’ve read so much about?

Mousetastical has these tips and tricks and know when they change. Disney is constantly changing the rules and what they have to offer. Even if you went to Disney World or a cruise 3 years ago, it’s operates much differently today. I will get to know you and whom you are traveling with and get as involved as you want me to. I personalize your trip with a parks guide and suggest many  “extras” to do that you may not have thought of. From your resort, to the parks to food and the extra fun I will plan it all. I custom-tailor information and suggestions for the individuals traveling with you, whether they be seniors, adults, teens, children, toddlers, or infants or special needs. It’s this type of personalization that really sets me apart form other travel agents. I look at the whole traveling party and take the details into consideration.  

Can I trust you with my personal information?

Mousetastical Vacation collects all personal data from you directly. I never ask that you provide any sensitive or confidential information over the Internet or through email. Disney Travel Company, will always process all your payments. We want to protect your privacy and the security of your information as much as you do, because we want you as a life-long client! I am a fully licensed and insured travel agency, operating with Magical Mouse Trips and am a certified member of CLIA. Our agency standing and validity may also be verified with the Walt Disney Travel Company.

What if the cost of my vacation goes down after I book it with you?

That’s why I am here! I closely monitor your reservation from the time it’s made until you depart. If any better deals or discounts are applicable to your reservation I will automatically rebook the reservation for you at the lower price. I’ll let you know every time this happens so you’ll stay on top of the pricing for your vacation. I will probably communicate with you a lot more than most other agencies do, and try not to pester, but just keep in mind that you’ll be saving money every time you hear from me!

What if I need to change and/or cancel my reservation?

While we can’t think of anything worse than having to cancel a Disney vacation, I do understand that things happen and circumstances change. Your reservation will be made directly with Disney, and all of their change and cancellation policies will apply. I will review with you any rules and/or penalties regarding reservation changes or cancellations, including travel insurance before you book. I will work with you and with Disney to minimize any costs and carefully explain your options in the event of a change or cancellation. 

What if I run into problems after I depart for my vacation?

Relax – you’re on vacation! I will do everything I can to make sure that all the details are taken care of before you leave, but I’m still available should something unexpected occur once you’ve departed. The calls I get the most from my clients, while they are on vacation, are them trying to extend it a few days! Remember my top priority is to make sure that you have the best Disney vacation possible, and that commitment to you does not end after your reservation is booked. I’ll be with you the whole way – right up until you return from the best vacation you’ve ever taken and help you start planning the next one.

Can you help me if I have special needs and/or requests?

The Disney resorts and cruise lines host millions of visitors every year, and they have almost always been there, done that when it comes to any special needs or requests you might have. From unique dietary needs to guests with disabilities to various medical conditions to specific lodging and room requests, and almost anything else you can think of, Mousetastical Vacations can assist you with any arrangements for these special situations. I have all of the up to date information on how to arrange for special needs, requirements, or services, and will provide you with everything you need to put your mind at ease and make your vacation worry-free.

I’m celebrating a birthday, anniversary, etc. How can you help make my vacation special?

Disney loves a celebration, and so do we! Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, reunion, your first trip or just about any other special occasion, Mousetastical Vacations can provide the little extra touches that make your celebration memorable. Disney likes to add a little extra magic if they know ahead of time of any special occasions. I will ask if you are celebrating anything special so I can make Disney aware.
I already have a Disney reservation. Can you still help me?

Certainly! As long as you aren’t booked with another travel agency and haven’t paid for it in full. However if you are unhappy with your current travel agency let’s chat. I can transfer your existing reservation to Mousetastical Vacations and take over the planning and watch the details for you. I will conduct an extensive review of your existing reservation and make any suggestions I might have to save you money or improve your itinerary. We will treat your existing reservation with the same care that we would any other booking made directly with us.  If your vacation package isn't eligable for transfer then I can work my Disney Planning Magic for a small fee.

How does Mousetastical Vacations work?

My primary goal is to construct the Disney vacation that is perfect for you. Since everyone is different and enjoys different things in a vacation, and since the Disney resorts, parks, adventures, and cruise line have so much to offer, everyone’s ideal Disney vacation is going to vary widely. I will take the time to find out what you absolutely don’t want to miss, what you might not mind skipping, what, where, and when you like to eat, what your budget is, where you like to stay, how you like to get around, and a myriad of other traveling preferences you might have. I'll then use our extensive experience and knowledge base to put together a vacation plan optimized for your traveling style. I will make your dining reservations, fast pass selections and any other reservations based upon expected crowd levels and special events in the parks or your prior experience. I’ll make your personalized parks guide and itinerary and our recommend tips just for you. 

How do I make a reservation?

It’s really pretty easy. Just click on any of the “Get A Quote” buttons located throughout the Mousetastical Vacations.com website, or call me directly. Supply me with a few details to get the ball rolling and I will do the rest. You will work with me directly and never any cancellation or hidden fees for my service..

Will somebody reply to my request right away?

I guarantee that you will receive a response within 48 hours through email or phone call. However, you’ll find that most of the time we’ll respond within the day. It’s important to us that you get the information you need, and we know how hard it is to wait when you’re trying to anticipate and plan your next Disney trip!

Why can’t I get prices online? Will I have to talk to some pushy salesperson?

There are no automated prices on Mousetastical Vacations. Because the Disney Resorts and cruise line have such varied and extensive offerings, trying to produce a “one-size-fits-all” vacation does little to satisfy most travelers. I prefer a more personalized approach where we get to know you and your traveling preferences, and budget. Whether you are an all-out, pack-every-minute-full, Disney commando or someone who prefers to stop and smell the roses occasionally, I will custom-fit a vacation to your exact preferences. I am not a pushy sales person; remember Disney pays me no matter how great of a deal I get you. It’s my goal to make the Disney Magic happen for you too!

I am Military or have an Annual Passport, Disney Visa Card, AAA Membership, DVC member, Canadian Resident etc... 
can you still get me discounts?

Absolutely. I have access to all of the published and well-known discounts. We are active duty military too and know all the resources and the balls to juggle with getting those Military Disney discounts. In addition, we are often able to find and apply lesser-known, unpublished, and “secret” discounts to save you even more money. We will closely examine all the details of your reservation and automatically apply any discounts for which you are eligible. Remember, my number one priority is to make sure that you get the best possible vacation at the best possible price.

Do I have to pay for everything now?

You can if you want to, of course, but it’s not necessary to pay the entire balance up front for most vacations, depending upon how far out you book. The reservations created for you will be made in your name directly with Disney, and therefore Disney’s normal reservations rules will apply. For most Disney World Vacation packages a $200 deposit is required plus the cost of any airfare and travel insurance. For the Disney Cruise Line a 20% deposit is required, again if booking far in advance of your departure date. I recommend getting airfare on your own or use miles etc.. It’s usually cheaper but I am more than happy to get you quotes from Disney air. Also since planning for a Disney Vacation is idealy done 6 months or more in advance I can help you pay a little here and there to spread out the cost impact, you may not even have to take anything out of savings if we plan it far enough in advance. 

Can you book my airfare too? I have airline miles can I use them?
Yes I can book your airfare, of course you can use your airlines miles.. You will need to make those reservations through your mileage program though. I can also get you a quote through Disney Air and actually recommend it if booking a cruise. Your travel insurance, if chosen through Disney, will cover your airfare too if I booked your air with your Disney package.  

Can you get me deals if I want to go to Universal Studios or Sea World too?

We love Harry Potter too! I can make all those arrangements including transportation so you don’t have to rent a car. I can help plan your days at Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure too. There are exclusive discounts available for Disney and other parks combined. 

Can you help me plan my Disney Cruise and a trip to Disney World?

Of course! Even if you are an experienced cruiser with Disney or other cruise lines. I can help make all those reservations on and off the ship and give you all the tips and ticks for cruising with Disney.  Plus my extra perks just for letting me plan and book your trip.

Amber Matthews
Mouse Parks Planner

(719) 375-5839​  /  amber@mousetasticalvacations.com
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